This title is a derivation from the original quote by John Wycliffe in the general prologue to the Bible translation of 1384, but my reinterpretation actually gives it a temporal dimension. This is useful because I have always seen art as a temporal object rather than a stand-in or a representation of some essence. Art of Everyone refers to the art of our generations, how they evolve over time. Art by Everyone refers to the art of today, how we produce artwork. And finally Art for Everyone refers to the art of the future of our species.

Art of Everyone

In order to discuss the art of our generations, we need to understand what we mean by “generation” and develop a Generation Awareness. We are born as individuals, and grow up with the misleading belief that we are independent actors. But we are all already born within a generation that predetermines us, and far more than we think. Every generation desires to separate itself from the previous one, and bring something new to the world. However, as we grow older, the generational values we inherit close us off from other points of view and shrinks the breadth of our minds. In order to become artists, we must understand this powerful influence on who we are and how we see the world. Understanding the spirit of our generation and the times we live in will lead to a better ability to exploit the zeitgeist. We will become the ones to guess and even set the very trends our generation is looking for. …


Writer-artist of “Pantheon: Heterotopia” and “Pantheon: Corrupted Paradise”

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