Golf’s Tech Era: Boom or Bust?

When it comes to technology and sports, casual fans may not think of golf right away. To those more involved in the sport, they know that is quite far from the game’s current landscape. In fact, golf has seen a recent boom in tech-based upgrades for the sport. From professionals to President Obama to the casual player, golfers now implement tech into several facets of their game.

Today, practically everything in the game has seen some form of tech boost. Those looking to analyze their swing can turn to swing analysis from GoPro cameras mounted on their chest or belt during a round. When it comes to wrist wearables, Microsoft, Garmin and Bushnell are just a few names hopping into the fray to track everything from movement to ball distance. Other tech can go on your clubs, or even your spine and shoulder to gauge proper alignment and spacing.

Some think golf is at a tech turning point where user feedback will either propel the industry to new heights or come crashing down. However, with such a wide array of wearables and programs to implement into a game, a complete drop out of the market might be tough to envision. Golfer’s preferences vary from one player to the next — with little uniform preferences beyond game decorum. That should allow various forms of tech to enter the market — finding the right players to work with. Even if a handful of tech fails to become the industry norm, there are enough golfers that should see the sector stay alive in the sport. Much like the game itself, several styles can reach prominence at the same time without having one true leader ever dominate the field.

Thane Ritchie is Founder of Ritchie Capital Management. Follow Thane on Twitter.