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I’ve read such breezy responses from “sleep” people such as yourself. Because it’s not your experience and life circumstance you try your best to dismiss and deny it’s happening. She was called a “nigglet.” Are you kidding me? There was an attack on two fronts to be sure, but a statement like, “No like that part is definitely a race thing.” and then move on to hammer in your point means you missed the whole point of the article. This article was for you, but it totally went over your head. The sexism you experience is just as real as the racism people of color feel. One does not cancel out the other. Because you can move and breath without being aware of the color of your skin makes you inoculated from the pain. And that’s your choice to stay asleep. Maybe you really don’t want to make too much of a difference in the world as your profile says. That would require real action to move in circles that you’re unfamiliar with. It’s your choice to stay in the comfort of the Matrix because you can. While others who don’t have the privilege live in the real world.

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