Accidents are predominant in motor races

Accidents in motorsports are prevalent including car race, bike race and boat race etc. and are listed as the dangerous sports in the world. Sometimes it ends up with small injuries and some other accidents lead to fatalities to the players and the watchers. The major reasons behind the accidents are equipment failure, road design, poor maintenance and behaviour of driver. In November 2014, former F1 champion Mark Webber smashed his car on a wall at 300 kmph when he was racing for World endurance championship race in Sau polo. Before the car gets burnt he was removed from the car and he was escaped with small injuries. If any low end car would have experienced similar situation, the outcome will be tragic. Accidents to the participants are usual and sporting industry trying to resolve it. When a spectator fall as victim for accident, he can approach the lawsuit for compensation from the circuit owner if the onus falls on track owner, since he is responsible to build a safe place for spectators to sit and watch the race. The owner is also responsible for maintenance of track.

Types of failures in motor vehicles

Most of the accidents occur because of equipment failure on the race track and there are certain regulations for vehicle manufacturers have to follow for minimum safety while designing and engineering a vehicle. The most common types of mechanical failure in vehicles are suspension failure, break failure and tyre burst out. It is reported that 5 % of road accidents are occurred because of equipment failure. Modern brakes with dual circuit system protect the braking failure by if one circuit cuts at an unexpected situation another circuit will enough to protect. Most of the modern vehicles are built with disk brake and ABS which are unlikely to fail. Uneven tyre due to improper alignment or smooth surface without friction is the mostly prevalent causes for tyre failure which results in drastic accidents. However, modern radial tyres are better replacement for the for the old bias-ply tyres. Suspension failures mostly end up in catastrophic accidents where steering helps to connect tires with the road surface.

To get the compensation

The other predominant failure in vehicle is ignition failure. General motors recalled about 1.7 million such vehicles. When you are met with an accident while traveling with recalled vehicles you are supposed to have right to claim compensation for your loss. But few people were unaware about the legislation regarding compensation for accidents due to equipment failure. Also a lawsuit is experienced in such cases and it will be helpful to get the compensation. GM Lawsuit one of the reputed organisations in law whose attorneys are experienced in solving cases involved in accidents due to faulty ignitions. This organisation is helping people by listing the companies of cars which was recalled for faulty ignition. These types of issues are not prevailing in motorsports cars but it is common in consumer vehicles. The faulty ignitions are causing serious problems in cars than brake failure, suspension failure. In fact, it brings all the failure together. It left the driver without power steering and brake. It also shuts the function of airbags which is then ended up in lethal accidents

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