An Investigation on Anthocyanins

Human diseases are becoming controllable with growth in medical technologies. Men have already started to investigate on the propertied of food as a medicine. Few decadal researches have proved positive effects on ability of enzymes, vitamins and proteins in providing immunity against diseases. Similarly, anthocyanin proved to have potential biological effects in assistance with few other flavonoid compounds. Extraction, ingestion and assimilation of those mixtures of anthocyanins and flavonoids are proved to have a huge effect on metabolic activities.

Biochemical properties of anthocyanins:

Anthocyanin, as a member of flavonoid group of phytochemicals is found to be predominantly present in tea, honey, wines, fruits, vegetables, olive oil and cereals. Daily intake is estimated from 500 mg to 1 g, but can be several g/d if an individual is consuming flavonoid supplements. The colorful anthocyanins are mostly recognized among people for their visible colors and phytochemical properties. An isolated anthocyanin and anthocyanin in form of mixtures is proved in researches to have effect on protection from DNA cleavage, estrogenic activity, and enzyme inhibition and in boosting the production of cytokines. This helps in regulating the immune responses and inflammatory activity. It enhances the lipid peroxidation by decreasing the capillary permeability and also helps in membrane strengthening.

How it acts as a medicinal agent:

At present, existing medicinal needs throughout the world has a big role in promotion of anthocyanin benefits. Researches have proved that the Hibiscus species have historically been used remedies in case of liver dysfunction and hypertension. Similarly Purple Corn is proved to have rich anthocyanin with a well maintained anti oxidative properties. Naturally occurring bilberry anthocyanins have an anecdotal property for work against visual disorders, microbial infections, diarrhea and other diverse health problems. For its huge medicinal benefits they are widely advised to take it as a food form. This will be expected to cure numerous internal disorders with a perfect natural stabilization. Intakes of additional flavonoid substances in food will indirectly help in having proven effects in muscular metabolism. Immunity, organ maintenance and oxidation processes. Medications related to such additional artificial intakes should be only done based on a medical practitioner’s recommendation. By this healthy consumption is ensured with both physical and mental stability.

Recent findings of researchers:

The present day world with a huge pollution weapon against mankind needs much powerful bio weapon to fight against the diseases with high immune response. The immunity in one can be easily boosting with richer nutrient supplements with an additional energy supplements. This is because to help humans in assisting with their daily routine with a minor concentration on energy levels. Men, women and children with different age groups are advised to intake different levels of nutrient supplements based on one’s need. Thus it also has a significant role maintaining body mass index with a check in excess fat deposits. The oxidative property of the flavonoids will ensure the perfect metabolic activities in muscles with an additional supplement of immunity. Importantly, pregnant and lactating mothers should not take these nutrient supplements without any medical prescription. This is because the anthocyanins will show a dramatic change in one’s energy level and mood balance. Assisting the mankind with enriched wellness is now become a moto.

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