Google Will Force Businesses To Cater To Mobile Devices

It is truly no secret that Google is one of the biggest and most powerful tech companies in the entire world. The company sets the rules for other tech companies in some sense. This is the case, since many companies rely on Google’s search engine to attract customers to their online stores. Well, these companies should be prepared to make a handful of changes to their websites in the near future. Just recently, Google has implemented changes that will force businesses and site owners to make changes to their sites, in order to maintain the effectiveness of their current SEO campaigns. The company intends to place greater emphasis on mobile friendliness, while more harshly punishing websites that are not suitable for mobile devices.

According to the Daily Mail, Google is working diligently to implement updates, which will give priority to users on mobile devices. Google’s system will work overtime to index mobile results much faster than desktop results. Not only will this impact business owners, but it will also impact Google search users. The company has never had problems implementing enormous changes and this could very well be the biggest yet. The vice presidents of AdWords, Jerry Dischler, justifies the decision by insisting mobile is the future. In order for websites to remain in Google’s good graces, they will need to do more to ensure mobile friendliness.

Sites will need to be responsive and work fluidly on all mobile devices. Also, load time will be enormously important. Sites should load quickly for mobile users. Lastly, Google intends to force websites to change their designs in order to make all content on a single page accessible by only scrolling upward or downwards. Those that require users to swipe right or left may be penalized. These changes will definitely put additional stress on online marketers and businesses, which depend on their websites for the majority of their profits. However, it may prove to be a blessing in disguise for the top web design company.

Thousands of Internet users spend more time on their phone than a laptop or desktop computer. These individuals are always on the go, which means they do not have time to sit down to perform a search on a home computer. With this being said, many webmasters are opting for a mobile-friendly website. This provides mobile Internet users with access to your site and giving them the free to view unobstructed, visible content. Mobile visitors will not tune into your website very long, if the content is difficult to read. Also, if the site is not mobile-friendly, it will be extremely to navigate.

There are various ways to turn your website into a mobile-friendly design. WordPress is content management software that allows users to create websites and build blogs with ease. It is actually one of the most popular of its kind, plus it provides webmasters with the tools to make their site mobile-friendly. You will be provided with various plugins that are absolutely free to use. In fact, you can transform your site into a superior mobile-friendly version in a matter of minutes.

If you do decide to transform your site into a mobile-friendly version, you will also need to provide others users with the standard version. There will come a time when the reader will switch from their mobile device to their desktop computer, so the full website will need to be viewable in this particular case.

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