Teenagers are more prone to drug addiction

It is a great challenge for the future society that teenagers are more likely to get affected by drug addiction, known from the survey report. A ground-breaking study in United Kingdom reveals that teenagers are more prone to drug abuse and it is prevalent in developed countries. A study by NIH reported that drug addiction is a chronic brain disease where teenagers get addicted to it even before the brain attain its full growth.

Drug addiction in UK

A Nationwide survey in UK on 18000 students from 67 schools reveals that students started to use strong inflammatory drugs such as cocaine and heroin at the age of 11. When they attained age of 16 one in ten people become regular user of drug with girls and boys in almost similar proportion. Based on this study they estimated that almost 400,000 students under 16 in United Kingdom are addicted to drugs. The statistics on UK shows that the number of drug users growing along with age. At the age of 11, twelve in thousand students are using drugs and it is increased to 59 in 1000 at the age of fourteen and at the age of 16, the number of drug users per 1000 is 88. In United Kingdom cannabis is the frequent and heavily used drug. With the frequent use at tender age, now they endure with the heavy dosage of drugs. It also said that 7 out of 1000 people at 11 years are using heroin and 13 people in thousand are using cocaine.

Drug addiction in USA

Similar situation is prevailing in US which is indicated from the study report from centres for disease control and prevention. From the report it is found that death due to drugs are surpassed the death because of car accidents for the first time in US. The fact is that the trend of drug using is ever growing in USA. Most of the teenagers are using marijuana which is known from the survey conducted by Drugfree.org. 80 percent of the respondents replied that they are taking marijuana frequently, from which one in ten persons is taking marijuana 20 times in a month. In addition to the drugs like marijuana, cocaine and alcohol, pain killer is another most important addictive substance in US. A report from National information centre for pain medication addiction reveals that 40 million painkiller was prescribed in 1991 and the value is now 200 million in the year 2009, among them 5 million people are taking pain killer without prescription. Ventura drug rehab centre which is treating drug addicted teenagers said that people are refused to admit in drug rehabilitation centre and wanted to use the drug continuously. The doctors from Ventura drug rehab centre said that drugs affect the brain structure and it function which further induce them to intake drugs, when they failed to take drug, it results in anxiety, stress related illness which make many of the drug addicts to involve in criminal activities. It reduce their self-esteem and spoil their education, career in future. They advised the parents to take more care on their children which will be the only way for preventing them from drugs.