The reason to protect our skin

Skin is the largest organ of our body. It is a protective barrier to inner organs from external environment like ultraviolet rays from sun, pollution from air and water, temperature etc. It is also the sensory organ and gives complete appearance of the body. The body without skin is hard to survive. There are many more ways the skin is helping to us. But the skin is not resilient enough to survive in this hostile environment. We have to protect our skin for ourselves. Many diseases are targeting skin which even leads to death. People appreciate beauty and give status in society. So they want to keep themselves good always.

How the external factors affect our skin?

There are different variety of skin disease which can be cured by the treatment only. They are caused due to uncontrollable reasons. Certain disorders like premature aging can be prevented well before. It creates depression among the people of young age who looks older than their age. 1/10 th of people is evaluated by face. It also gives confidence to them. It is the period even elder people wants to look young. Their lifestyle, food and behaviour increases the risk of premature aging. People who are under sun in more time looks older than same age people who were not working under sun. Similarly smokers look older than their actual age. People who are taking food with low fibre and protein also look older than their age. These are the behaviour that we can stop and prevent ourselves from premature aging. Going out and working under sun is not able to quit for few people. So they can use sunscreen while going out. Sunscreens with broad spectrum and can prevent both Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B. apply sun screen before going out. When you sweat more or when you are in water for long time apply sunscreen again.

Food heals the skin damage

Food items like lentils, black beans, lima beans, Brussels sprouts, blackberries etc. are rich in fibre. The proteins and fibre rich healthy diets given in which is prescribed for healthy skin. Vitamin c serum is commonly used lotion for healthy glowing skin. It is available at modest price. Vitamin c serum is directly acting on skin since we are applying directly on skin. Aging process relies on collagen protein. Its composition is high during young age and it gets reduced as age goes on. But due to few factors the collagen production gets reduced early which weakens the skin and also leads to formation of wrinkles in face, neck, hands and legs, fat beneath the skin gets reduced, formation of hollowed cheeks, eye sockets, bone shrink away from skin and skin gets dry and itchy. Skin is one of the excretory organs which expels the waste in the form of sweat. But the reduction of collagen will also reduce the ability of skin in sweating. There is also possibility of hair fall and unwanted hair growth. These are the disturbance which occurs even with our knowledge. Prevent these disorders before it getting worse.

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