The rise in volume of mobile phones

The most celebrated child of mother of invention in current world is mobile phones which turned our life dramatically. It is symbol of technology’s penetration among the countries which can help to identify developed countries from its mobile phone and internet connection. The advent of mobile phones has brought a thought that what would not be possible in future with these technologies. A part of technology in the form of wireless communication device has a major role in world economy and it is evident from Nokia, a mobile phone firm has contributed 30 % of Finnish GDP on 2011. The recent report reveals that world shipment of mobile phones has increased by the effect of rise in demand. According to WDS (devices) research service report, global shipment of mobile phones has reached 460 million units in third quarter of 2014 which was 427.2 million in the same period of the previous year with annual growth rate of 8 %. The shipment comprises of all types of mobile devices however, smartphones which have 3G and 4G technology were shipped more. The proportion of smartphones and normal mobiles shipped in their quarter are 70 and 30. The demand for smartphones in the markets of Asia, Africa and Latin America drives more mobile shipments.

Shipments of top firm’s mobile units

Samsung is the market leader whose annual growth is 15% which shipped 101.7 million devices with a market share of 22% in the third quarter of 2014. Chinese brand Xiaomi affects the growth of Samsung in the current year which affects the annual growth of Samsung. Despite reduction in growth rate Samsung still leading the market whose shipment is more than compounded shipment of Apple and Nokia who are holding next two positions in shipment volume. Apple’s contribution in the market is 16 % in Q3 2014 which was 26% in Q3 2013. The performance in Europe and US markets make LG mobiles record its own highest growth after 12 quarters whose current contribution to market is 5 %. It is a tough year for Nokia which holds second position after Samsung in total shipment whose share to the market is 11%. The report reveals that Chinese brand Xiaomi has the wonderful year in market whose sale in total device in Q3 2014 is three fold of Q3 in 2013. The reduction in shipment of top 3 brands is highly affected by this Chinese counterpart. The second tier manufacturers such as Alcatel, Oppo, Lenovo and others have significant impact in the market.

Varied options

The increase in total shipment also flourishes the other associated markets such as network service providers, covers and cases industry and mobile factory unlocking industry. According to the report from GSMA intelligence Chinese mobile operator China mobile, Vodafone groups and many other operators profit has increased than previous years. Some of the players like are leading in market on unlocking device which has increased many folds after US president nodded for its approval. Unlocking enables the users to use various networks who are offering them best deals. Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of human body which will grow further and will affect the society positively.

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