The Single Platform Which Serves a Lot

The evolution of the internet is providing benefit to various sectors which are growing with the help of internet medium. Its penetration over the past five years is astonishing with the implementation of high-speed networks and broadband spectrum. The internet user base is growing consistently with developed countries leading on front. Asia is largest continent and having more than half of world population, it has more number of users which accounts 45.7 % which is followed by Europe, Latin America etc. When the penetration rate is concerned developed countries are leading in front. 87 % population of North America are using internet.

Influence of internet among children

Internet is the larger arena which enables various niche to perform in it. A study found out that children started to use internet from the age of three. The research made by parenting website revealed that most of their parents will not aware of their children’s internet usage and they thought that their children are using internet for 1 hour per day however, the students admitted that they are spending in online about 2 hours. Dr. Aric Sigman, a leading psychologist suggest that there should be restriction parents in the regard of internet usage since most of the websites on internet is misleading. It is believed that supply of smartphones as the result of its demand will increase the internet usage twofold in 2018.

The ways which internet is using

A research firm Telemetric made a study on usage pattern of the internet among various age category and people from different profession. For the survey 50 percent of respondents replied that they use mobile internet for search options for their studies, profession etc. with 46 % mobiles are exclusively using for research purpose. Globally, population between 15 to 34 years are more than half of internet using population especially students from schools and colleges are spending abundant time studying, shopping, social networking and for online dating. The least likely user population is people who are more than 55 years which is also r in developed countries. Phew research report reveals that 72 % of the population are using social media sites especially facebook is their first choice, Other social media sites like twitter and Instagram are trending now which will be the future apps. Among teenagers who are using internet, 94 percent people are using social media site facebook and they are averagely having friends of 400 which has a major impact on global social interaction. Another leading research firm reveals that by the end of the year 2015, world’s 50 % of traffic is from mobile phone and smart phones. According to the report from Proceedings of National academy of science disclosed that one-third of couples in America has met in online. The report also said that mixed marriages are growing with the influence of interracial dating sites in America. Initially, social media like facebook were using for their online meeting and now they are shifted to exclusive dating sites which ensure them a privacy. Shopping is the biggest market in online stores from which 80 % of internet users are shopping through online sites. there are more innovations which improve the speed of network are implementing in world countries and if internet reaches 100 % population it will become fourth basic needs after food, dress and shelter.