. Petitions: Emergency. My Dear Mr. President: Mr. Trump .Cau Please Mr. Engaged definitively settle for I In Vietnam! , I was his The Country Party, Phishing My Money In Vietnam! ,, I Excellencies By FBI Consumer Award for I, The Text 28/12/2014, 12/08/2016 to date for I Just Prize in Vietnam! , I just ask Mr. President USA, Mr. Trump, settling at the manner requested for International Law, The Fair Returns to Vietnam I’m In! , I really hope the help of his; Trump, the American President, Civil Protection For Damaged people, in Vietnam! ,, Requires Urgent wish him President Solved it for me, 3 My Child mother, living very miserable 3 this year, today May Mr President Trump, In The Family Help I, 1 Life Back business in Vietnam again! , For I have enough conditions, Breeding 2 sons I ate School, By My labor force in business in Vietnam! sir, I sincerely hugged Mr. President TrumpEmergency petition requested to definitively settle the Return fairness to I in Vietnam! , Dear Mr. President cosmetics, Trump, he makes I Pray, FBI award for my Decision dated 12.28.2014, vouchers, sent to I, and the UN Standing protection for I, being his in the US engineer shell, Phishing My Money, My Dear Mr. President Trunp, Watch My thing, I begged, I Solved the right prescribed by International Law, the public Returns in Vietnam in the I! , Glass Dear Mr. President, Trump, and he’s right protection for people under the bridges of Law, American, I Am Damage person, how much last year I was in Vietnam the wait! FBI Makes I hope I decided to pay for in Vietnam! in 72 hours, decided to pay me today 12/28/2014 until 2016 I have the warmth of the FBI, I just hope Mr. Mini Tong US: Mr. Trump, I consider the work of the project, Mr. President Trump, help for I Am Woman, Make Money Raising frequency trading is 2 School children eat, I just hope he helps me fairness of I Get Money Paid to I, for my business Continue to trade back in Vietnam! , So I take care of my 2 children to school under my labor in Vietnam! , I very much hope into Mr President Trump, recent settlement date for I In Vietnam! , I sincerely thank you Mr. Trump, I Reviving 3 mother, in Vietnam! , For the family business back I figure, all the help, I pray to God to help him US President Trump Multiple Resolution Resources Protection for the people whose lives are happy and Happiness Application Recommendation: Urgent: definitely settle me in Vietnam! , Sending his glasses: President: Trump Makes I Find, Find out the reason Truth, While FBI in the State in the book he has written me 12/28/2014 until now, that I have not received money returned for me in Vietnam! , In the FBI send mail to me in 72 hours to pay the money paid to me, as I also have to pay today 11/16/2017 in my account, today I gave him the presidential post: Trump helped me in strictly required by international law, Return of fairness for I in Vietnam! , Thanks to the help of Mr. President Trump, intervention help people getting scammed until now that the FBI had evidence Consumer goods, which do not settle for Me, Dear Mr. President Helps the reason I am the Truth ? Returning to my interests in Vietnam! , I sincerely thank Mr. President Trump, I am waiting and hoping so much from him in his presidential Trump Dear Mr. President America: Mr. Trump, sent to Mr. See lightning emergency, FBI about my work, where the protection of human rights for the country is fine, I Damaged, I Was he tricked engineer viscous sheel island In Vietnam my money! , 15/10/2014 I sent the complaint should offer consumers FBI FBI, the FBI should be enough evidence, the FBI told consumables, Getting him sheel engineer, paid money to Vietnam! for the paper I decided to send money to Vietnam! I returned for insufficient evidence documents the FBI 11.28.2014 Paper protection payments to Vietnam! returned to me until today, I referred to the FBI so many times but have not seen the FBI, for my pending requests In accordance with international law to return fairness to me in Vietnam! , So today I kissed by the online community, according to the good and help me put Trump presidential intervention this case for consumer protection for the right specified Nations that, to protect the people in Vietnam! , To All the people believe in international law, I look forward to agencies of the US government put the total US news to his family to help me get my money back for my 2 children to continue schooling, I It’s a fine system thank him harm, he: Trump, and the friends, on the Internet, according to good and help me find me of the true justice, I sincerely thank you, and thank you all on the network , words of love and my most sincere; Nguyen Thi Thanh Lang Cc Community World Network, SOS Emergency, which helped as I, In The Place of Justice FBI Is Transparency Help for People, Finding Out True Justice Under International Law, I Multiple Send Emergency Rescue Unit Bridge granted, By the FBI, Consumer. So I Right Under the Law National Policy Fair Pay for I In Vietnam! , FBI Evidence, Out of paper decision for me, for I dated 28.12.2014 Settlement, in the 72 hours passed about Vietnam! Through the Bank Pay-I, so far, what I’ve also seen 22.10.2016 End? FBI Consumer Is Where justice of the United Nations, and the Consumer Right Protection Law France France International, the Fair To Pay for Population, Consumer FBI, Place Protection for People, Right Under Regulation provisions of international law, To Give Consumers Confidence And FBI, Consumer Protection for people, Why Have Legal Evidence Too Clear, And She UN’s Consumer FBI, Today I Save the bridge, both of you can help me Find Out On Justice Transparency I, and The Fair Pay for I in Vietnam! , I very sincerely thank The Far Near You, As well, I and point me Search for Justice, International Policy Yes, to ensure the right to Give Consumers Confidence of People, People To People trust in international law, the UN, Dan reassuring, Stop and Consumer FBI, Do not Make distrust of Consumer, Then How to Protect the people, the FBI Consumer confidence , assured people Features confidence in the FBI, and baits the United Nations, Population Characteristics Where is the Information and protection to Consumers Resolve Yes, the people New Law On the National Trust, the legislative Resolution , the United Nations helps For people Out the truth Justice thanked the Under good Me, help Me Only I Houses of You I sincerely thank the You Give Me Find Out Which Come true justice Cc:Single missing FBI Consumer complaints, let me 28/12/2014 The prize he sent money to Vietnam! , Paid to have a clear proof from 02/09/2016 until now that he had resolved to do in accordance with international law of the UN and on the request of his legal documents signed 28 FBI / 12/2014, the unit lacks complaints, urgent desire for consumer FBI he resolved breaking point for me in Vietnam, in accordance with international law, equity returns in accordance with international regulations, and union national and consumer Applications Missing FBI emergency appeal, thanks to help my online community reviews for FBI, consumer returned me the justice in accordance with international lă. FBI consumables: emergency, I wrote an application to him a lot, do not see him, for I am the International Right prescribed. ??? The little he solved voucher dated 28.12.2014 has so far clear evidence, I only wish the organs and functions to consider and resolve for me to regulations of international law, according to the right text that he sent to the I right prescribed by international law, and I sent the request numerous times denFBI Consumer requirements so I definitely settle; Compliance with provisions of international law by the UN regulations of the law that FBI Consumer goods: his hope in the help for me, I just wanted to pay me promise FBI within 72 hours of the day decisions 28.12.2014 he said of Vietnam sent! Answer me, for my business back to take care of my two children go to school, shining hot FBI Makes Emergency incident returned fairness to me in Vietnam! , I sincerely thank him? I’m waiting for the FBI him, what I submit the following Articles For FBI KnowCc: Mr. total consumables FBI, I appeal urgently Major events of my name: Nguyen Thi Thanh Lang, Address: 40 E Nguyen Duy, Ward 9, District 8, HCM City, and he resolved to do 28 / 12/2014 titled from the FBI, began his engineers solved viscous shell pay me, in Vietnam! , I have repeatedly filed consumer FBI for help, he sent an email to me said I assured the engineer he began his reimburse my money back in Vietnam! , FBI documents papers sent to me via email, and tell me peace of mind 72 hours transferred to share my old former Vietnam so I assured! I am very respectful of international law, the law of the state coalition government, so I always reassured me a lot of poems sent to him for help overall Consumer FBI, while I have the evidence from the prize he slams me in Vietnam! , Which now follows until today I have not received 01.08.2016 my money, today I asked him to head the FBI consumables definitively settle for me, protecting consumers in accordance with requirements international law, equity returns have me in Vietnam! While I do not understand much English, and besides I was deceptive amount compared to Vietnam! My great, my circumstances have worried business sale 2 boys go to school, so is very withdrawal, should amount sweats from my tears find me too much effort in Vietnam! , First I have to shoulder their children’s education ladles, I’m difficult since his scam engineer I to this business I was no longer the capital of business, so I look forward to from the FBI, Consumer, Help Yellow Warning for my farewell hug husband the child must be worried, so he sided with the international law, UN protection for our consumer goods in accordance with legal requirements, Return fairness to consumers in the country this is fine for my money he fire on the island of viscous shell, clear laws, today I wish the FBI he consumables settlement points off me, let me back in business Vietnam! to continue to take care of my two small children taken to school back to school, I’m looking forward to waiting FBI Consumer, I sincerely thank him secretary of the FBI, he was only here Diai engineer my money scam: Address: Scott: 1077 East 14th Street, Brookyn. New York, United States. Phone: +18133983075 Scott Hargreaves: Sgfranklyn4ever@yahoo.com mailto: ynoreply@facebookmail.c. Here is the address: Her FBI UN: <

United Nations Under-Secretary-

Internal Oversight General for

CELL PHONE +2348034807496 my address here in Vietnam! ; Name: Nguyen Thi Thanh Lang: Bank: Account number VP: 0439288880 Address: 40 E, Nguyen Duy, Ward 9, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, phone: 84907131654. Email: ngoclanthanhsg2004@yahoo.com. : Ngoclanthanhsg2004@gmail.com. : I submit the article to Mr. Secretary FBI Consumer goods, true, If I declare, I have enough evidence from you, I’m wrong I take full responsibility before the international law, I consumer requirements FBI solve me finish right at the request of international law the United Nations, I sincerely thank him total consumer FBI chièttr

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