A Diary of Everyday Roots

Clouds sail past, flitting by my window

As questions balloon in my mind

Rendering my head heavy and swollen

While the sand drips, contained in glass.


Off to the bathroom, seeking

Relief from the sour blocked

Nose, that I caused heartlessly

To drip thus by force of habit.


Cannot my roots somehow aid

In the quest for the alleviation

Of my fever, he Raam -

Bid me rest, grant me sleep.


Introspection we must chase

To define ourselves better,

For ambition rests upon

The slender shoulders of our roots.


Through compulsive retail therapy

Do we persist in our venture

To define and analyse and measure,

As the planet’s ecology meets its doom.


Patience wears itself thin

As we scrutinise and dig

Clicks and keys ring forth

And yelling matches result.


Salt, pepper and turmeric fly in pots

As we neglect the crushed peanuts

Water boils, and the sprouts dance

As the search for our roots persists.


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