Sexy Beast

The Sunne in Splendour.

You bear down on me with legs that powerfully stride,

As I look for your cheerful face beaming

At whomever you talk to.

You sit close to me, with your deep blue eyes,

Your aquiline nose, and lips the colour

Of cherries or summer raspberries.

Your neck arches, tilts on its joint,

And I spy again that delectable patch

Of dark hair that caresses the hollow

At the base of your neck.

I shut my eyes as I speak to you,

Lest I should betray genuine emotion,

And you’d avoid me, perhaps forever.

You beckon and crane your head,

You lean into me and I gasp,


I am lost, and I seek desperately

To want not to be found — but then

You walk away without saying goodbye.

What a sexy beast.

I close my eyes and try to imagine,

For a moment, your mouth on mine,

Tasting each other’s tongues, running them

Over your perfectly formed teeth.

I am frightened, petrified, frozen with fear,

To see if you’ll respond. I daren’t imagine

That you ever will return my feelings,

But it will be plenty to be able

To smell you for the rest of my life.

It’s a high that nothing else can

Ever come close to replicating.

I want to bury my nose in your hair,

And taste your skin, to snuggle up

Close to the cords that stand out

In your neck.

It feels altogether too perfect, to be

Savouring the sense of having

Your cruel, teasing self near me, all to myself.

I've waited with bated breath to catch

A glimpse of you every passing moment,

Even if you are an impossible fantasy.

Such a sexy beast.

I was gaping at the projector screen farthest

From where I was sat so I could

Steal glances at you, ya big numpty.

I dunno if you’d ever do the same for me.

I shudder to think how you would react

If you knew that you had this effect on me.

It pains me to think that you’d ever revile me,

And that I don’t know if I’ll ever have

The courage to tell you how

I feel about you.

I’ve already lost one cadet to cowardice. I

Know that I’m blessed to have come to know

You at all, and to have basked in the awesome

Aura surrounding your person.

There is dearth of happy people in the world,

And shockingly you’re one of them.

I cannae quite describe how glad I am

To have found you.

It fills me with joy, which is uplifting

And profoundly mesmerising. I am

Smitten, and you’re oblivious.

I am struck by an arrow, and

You’re somewhere close to

Stunning. Now, my sexy beast,

Know that you take my breath away.

March 8, 2016.