663 Million to Zero

The United Nations global development goal is for everyone to have access to safe water by 2030.

When Thankyou started in 2008, 900 million people didn’t have safe water, today that number is 663 million people.

A huge number like that can be overwhelming. Where do you even start?

For Thankyou, it starts with our ‘why’.

We met 15-year-old Vianney in Burundi, Africa in 2013 while visiting a gravity-fed water system we funded in partnership with World Vision and AusAid.

Vianney’s old water source

Vianney told us that before the new water source was built he would walk morning and night for hours with a 15 litre jerry can to collect water from a dirty creek.

Our co-founder Daniel learning about Vianney’s water walk when we visited our water project in Burundi

The weight of the jerry can full of water would give Vianney neck and back aches and, because he was so tired from the journey, he was often late to school and would sleep through class.

He constantly felt sick from drinking the contaminated water, which affected his grades at school.

Vianney’s story was that of many families in his village. Hours that could be spent learning at school or earning money was spent collecting a resource they can’t do life without.

That’s one of the reasons Thankyou exists.

While there are 663 million people without access to safe water, the global bottled water industry brings in billions of dollars every year. At Thankyou, we realised that the latter could form a part of the solution to the former. That’s why every bottle from our Thankyou water and body care range fund community owned, managed and run life-changing water and sanitation solutions. You can read all about the types of solutions we fund here.

So together, we can bring that number down to zero by 2030.

So far, with your support, we’ve helped get safe water, hygiene and sanitation to 545,360 people.

Where can you start? Choose Thankyou water and come on the journey with us to end global poverty.

When you break it down 663 million represents more than a number, it’s 663 million stories like Vianney’s. Real stories that, together, we can be part of turning around.

Vianney and his family have access to safe water through a gravity-fed water system we funded in partnership with World Vision and AusAid.

This month we’re launching World Water Month. Along with our friends at 7-Eleven, we’re focusing on stories of change in the lead up to World Water Day on March 22nd.

Here’s a few easy ways you can be part of Thankyou’s World Water Month from 20th February — 22nd March 2017:

  • Choose life-changing Thankyou water when you’re next at 7-Eleven and don’t forget to Track Your Impact with the unique code on the bottle!
  • Spread the word on your social media channels in the lead up to World Water Day on 22nd March by snapping a pic with your Thankyou water bottle and using the hashtags #worldwatermonth #ichoosethankyou
  • Encourage your local cafes, gym, school or workplace to stock Thankyou water. (For more info on that, email sales@thankyou.co)
  • Sign up to The Latest to stay in the know with the Thankyou movement and keep supporting us even after World Water Month. Be part of ending global poverty for good.
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