Sword Art Online ss I Rerun

SAO is one of my favorite animes. The anime was about 2022 future virtual reality game. Each Player have to wear a helmet called nerve gear to stimulate their 5 senses via their brains. Kirito, one of the trapped players in SAO, was one of the beta testers in the game that means he knew many information. All players were trapped in the game means if they die in the game they will die in the real world,too. Due to his talents in the game and his beta tester experience, he was a great player.He decided to be a solo player that made him very famous. But after he met Asuna, a great female player, he changed and also Asuna, too . They married in the game later.

In the end , they could get back to the real world and finally met each other.

There are 2 seasons of SAO by the way.

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