Thoughts on a Total Stranger Saying “You Are Gorgeous” in a Very Public Place

I could tell it was coming by the way you gave me the creep eye.

As I walked towards you I cringed, knowing that you were going to talk to me.

Your friendly hello should have stopped there.

You then went on to say “you are gorgeous” in a slightly louder tone.

I felt dozens of eyes suddenly turn my way.

I wonder if my nervous giggle and “Oh! Well thank you” was the reply you were hoping for.

Just what is the appropriate response to such a statement?

Was I supposed to be flattered? Or maybe it was just really only the nicer version of a cat call?

Seriously, how does one respond to that?

What are the expectations when someone makes such a statement?

When I got into my car I laughed, but I also felt somewhat flattered.

Then I was embarrassed that it was such a public display.

Then I felt humiliation. And it made me feel weak, and violated.

Then I felt guilty that I liked the compliment, even though really, it wasn’t.