What love is not…

Love is not convenient. It isn’t only when you want it. It is not based on one person’s schedule or feelings at that moment in time. It needs to be thoughtful and considerate, all the time. But you are neither.

Love shouldn’t hurt. When you truly love someone, hurting them with your actions and words is not acceptable behaviour. But you do not seem to understand that.

Love doesn't lie. It doesn't make you say things just to appease a moment. Love keeps its promises and stays true to its word. But you do not.

Love should not be lonely. It should mean that you always have someone to rely on and depend on. That you have someone to be there for you in good times and bad. But you bask in your solitude and shut me out.

Love doesn’t come and go like the tides. It can’t be close and then distant, depending on your mood. But you are near, and then far, and never, ever constant.

Love cannot last. That is the only practical and true thing about it. It can arrive without warning, and be gone just as swiftly. But I know that now, now that you are gone.

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