Sending the jk Bulls is a matter of choice.

Shravana, bulls are not maintained by rich people. You and me are not maintaining it.Its poor farmers who maintain it. They need to spend to maintain them. Those bulls are fed nutritious food to serve the purpose. You must be aware of the poor state of our farmers. In TN more than 230 farmers died in heart attack and committed suicide in one month due to drought. When they don’t have money for their livelihood how can one expect them to spend for that bull? So they will sell that in the market and eventually, it will go to the slaughter house. But if JK happens they will get prize money and thus they will not tend to sell the bull. Even if they sell in the market it will be taken by someother person for the purpose of jallikattu. I have mentioned that in my article in the “How native breed will become extinct if Jallikattu does not happen?” section. Think from the farmer’s point of view then you will understand.

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