Formalizing waste management by using eco-friendly bags

It was an another new year day for sri lankan people even Meethotamulla people. After solemnizing the customs, children were counting for visiting their cousins. Unfortunately, their school books and toys bereaved unexpectedly. Though people who lives in Meethotamulla beseeched the government, requesting as eliminating this garbage mountains. But it seemed like bea plays the elephant on strings. The politicians who are like beep elephants beheld after that disaster.

After that, the government started to think for fending such disasters what they should do. Consequently, they ordained new rules and regulations for fending use of polythene. According to this rules, they prohibited polythene products which is of twenty microns or below. Their main purpose is that formation for using of eco-friendly bags.

Do you think how polythene influences the environment. You know polythene as waste which doesn’t deteriorate. So, when polythene layer is released to the earth, a polythene layer creates in soil. Consequently, rainy water isn’t able to go towards water sources. Rivers, canals and streams which give water for people are about to fed. Not only that but also, it influence for flooding in urban areas in rainy days.

You may think why we can burn garbage. But, it is more harmful because of leaving gases which is harmful to human respiratory system. Thereby can cause cancer in respiratory system.

Though the use of eco-friendly bags is a good method, it will be difficult to predispose to sri lankan for using of eco-friendly bags.

If the rules is tightened, thereby we will be able to solve this garbage problem and we can develop our country. We must help the government for solving this problem.