The girl on the train.

It was the day for a sadistic sun, raging in his prime

And a day for the cattle-fond crowds, dragging me along

As the train made it’s stop sans sense of any time.

Angry passengers, dirty coaches-gruesome travel song.

‘Kaasu kudu mama’ eunuchs demanded money

Here one there one illiterates spat chewed paan

Spoilt soft samosas and ginger tea with honey

The train beseeched tolerance from a man

I sat myself by the window, took a deep breath

Closed my eyes and let my thoughts wander

I did so until the train moved at length

And that was when I saw her

There amidst the city’s jungle I found beauty

As it sat opposite me on god-forsaken railway

Keen eyes,wined heart, mine mind all on duty

We stared and stared as all brakes gave way

White milk dipped in gold honey, that would be her skin

Flint glass housing diamond, that would be her eyes

To say her nose was round, that would be a sin

Yet to call the same as pointed, let it be called lies

But with round ring gold adorned, it was the most amazing

Pink from lover’s rose nest, soft from baby’s first touch

Pursed like oysters seashell, a black dot beside chasing

Her lips! Her lips! and mole, as if nestled upon the couch

And wind from windward windows that fondled her with kisses,

Took off with her scent, that of a mighty million dewdrops

It made me crumble in my senses, an instinct never listens

For she was a poem in her being, where weren’t any full stops.

A cup cake cutie when she smiled, chin hiding beneath her cheeks

Black flowing curly ribbons, her hair seemed to say surprise

Eye-brows calculus sort of curves-understood well by geeks

With worthy words I wrote down her beauty for you to realize.

I caught my eyes staring, even as I wrote the last word

And so had she! for I sensed ripples in her face pond

Eyebrow knit in question, her eyes pierced me like sword

‘Hello? mister?!’ She slowly slightly scorned

And finding notebook in my hand, grabbed it for perusal

Got me nervous what may happen, women are not like men….

But she looked up and tendered a cadbury’s chocolate smile

That was nobel prize for me, I felt great like grand prix champion

‘Do you always do this?’ was her sing song husky querry

‘An inspiration it is, a badly beautiful girl’ that was me-wink! wink!

And we talked like little children,in the train that found no hurry

World sucked lollypop that day, sky rained roses red and pink

I still remember her strawberry soft voice in which she said goodbye

And her Tata Docomo ten digits she asked to stay in touch again

As she waved to me alas, her cotton candy eyes, gleamy soft and shy

My cup of coffee tea, the beauty, the girl on the train.

— t.a.