The woman I would never get.

Earlier in an adolescence dream,
While magic happened, mysteries unfolded;
I saw her sing to my child.
Mountains, valleys, rivers
sunshine, star-shine, moonlight-
Her form, her curves, her sway
Her gaze, her smile, her voice.
I held her hands in that dream-
The woman I would never get.

And at nights, the best parts of the dream
While the crickets cheered, in crescendo,
I watched her smile at my musings-
Like the fresh boat touching sea,
A dear dam bursting water.
I was a child clinging to her bosom.
Truth and lies and routes to her palace
she revealed, as I had her in that dream-
The woman I would never get.

A hundred men boasted riches to her
While I was there, insecure.
And I watched her laugh at their boastings-
My world is a world, a world of two
She told them, And I have chosen a second.
Back where they were she sent them.
Like the moon for an earth, devotee for a diety
I loved her in that dream with passion
The woman I would never get.

A-rated,the dream,sweethearts too many I had
While for wooings I did fall, women- our weakness;
I watched her forgive her repentant son-
For she was a palace of illumination, all by herself.
A Cleopatra able enough to command armies-
Without fail she treated me as her Anton.
Like the minister for a king, an angel for God,
I knelt in respect for her in that dream
The woman I would never get.

It didn’t last long, that beautiful dream
While the sun shouted, I did wake
And watched her disappear to where she was.
Like a dog for food, an elephant for water,
I set forth searching for her in every means-
Random fiascos I did find, but not her.
Until one day I met reality and he told me-
Of what she would always be to me:
The woman I would never get.


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