Dear darling do you reminisce?

We had sailed the high seas over the hills

And the painfully soothing ways down

Ooohs and aaahs all the way to the trenches

And yeah yeah yeahs on the way up

The sea was you,the boat was you,

The screaming screeching wave.

The wind was me, the sailor,

The force that needed ebbing.

A tide that time, came swooping

And washed us far ashore

Where we lay panting sin,

Breath, misty memories - content.

There were moon moments and stary talk.

When you smiled I spotted twinkle-

The promise of a follow journey-

After all we had to sail back where we were

Then you took to helm and steered the mast-

Slow and steady, wandering

Wind and water, whispering

And you held me, hands pleading,

Arousing new strengths and stigma.

The sea- rough and soft,

The travel- deep and meaning

You- sweet and loving.

Now, the memory frequent haunting,

While the pirate misses ship

The lover wishes death.

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