Why I am at MATC

Hello everyone!

My name is Tou. (pronounced just like the number 2). I recently moved here from Minnesota, the purple state. Go Vikings! The reason why I moved here was because I got engaged and my fiancee was attending Alverno College at the time. She recently graduated last May and got offer a position at Northwestern Mutual downtown as a business Analyst. I’ve been a resident here for almost a year now, you can say. I finish Auto Mechanic school prior to moving here. I worked at an auto shop for quite some time. I love diagnosing and working on cars, but I don’t see myself doing that as a career for the rest of my life.

Why I chose MATC for my It Networking program was because I live near the school and I always have an interest in computers. How they work, how they are connected to interact with different computers, and how much technology changes constantly is very fascinating. As I was growing up, my dad always told everyone in the family to grow up and be somebody, have a title, a name that people will know you by. So here I am, wanting to learn more about something I’m very interested in, a career I can picture myself in the long run. The opportunity is endless.

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