My Doin or doing

I choose to develop a narrative that will represent my ever changing identity, values, strengths, academic, and my professional interests in the context of my first year of college experience. I will intentionally and explicitly compare my experiences with students from similar and different socio-cultural backgrounds. I chose to do this project mainly because I have to for my class, but also because it’s the easiest way out in my point of view from the other options. Just Kidding (not kidding) but seriously I chose this option because want to find myself, to see my life from another perspective. I would gather my info through different posts on social media and use what I learn in class and outside of class, to incorporate it into my life, and record my responses, feelings,and ect… also record how my doings affect those around me?

Some of the questions I would ask are “how does your experience as a first generation college student compares to those who also have similar identities? Or those who aren’t first gen. Students. “How does commuting compares to living on campus? Is the extra 10,000 worth it?” or is family a big contributor for your discussion commute or live in campus?

Thank q — yeah pap

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