Unconsciously biased

The situation is that we as humans as we grow up and lean towards certain things. With that being said we tend to react more to things we like rather then what we don’t like. What we find annoying whether we completely have an idea of what it is or what is even going on. They claim that yes hidden biases are real and we don’t even know that we have it until someone brings attention to it. This unconscious biased is bad because it could create bigger issues especially with police task relating to shooting of Micheal Brown. Going into the court too the unconscious bias would easily result with the less liked person losing though they may really should have won instead. The ways we know are the results that end up on social media and the news, many forms of of it are how we know. Also lots and lots of research as always goes into these to insure that the results are not flawed. Just like my subaru hate I do it unconsciously but its funny because my brother loves them a lot for whatever reasons and yet me and him get along still. Though we know that we may hate somethings we still might chose to side with them simply to avoid conflict or due to the fact that they have points that you can’t go against. Is there anyway to train your brain so that you don’t have the problem of doing this, and would there be any bad side effects from it? It had been some big argument with my pops and there were many points that made me angry and I wanted to argue against but I couldn’t. They all had extremely good reasons to why things happened already though my brain was saying how much I hated those people even before I realized it.

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