Why do we find some voices so annoying

Have you ever heard that voice that just absolutely annoys the heck out of you? Yes this is a real thing and I can assure you that you have met someone who has a voice that makes you want to pop their head off.

They are from the harmonic level in your voice, we know that it can change your emotion being that the level and tone alters how you react to it. This comes from the folds in your throat. Scientist who studied how the vocal cords work corresponding to the brain. Their research is what lets me know what I know about this topic. It’s interesting topic especially considering that it appeals to some people that different voices are annoying to different people. I think it connects to knowledge in real life because once our brain hears that annoying voice. It’ll always remember it as annoying and anything similar to it will produce the same results. I can’t say that this goes for everyone but I am almost certain that you are like I am where we remember how bad and irritating some voices can be. I forgot but it was a cartoon character who talked as if they had a stuffy nose and from then on I always hated anything that resembled that voice. Even if it was an actors real voice in a live movie I would get angry and have an angry face LOL. What types of voices are you most annoyed of? Would you rather have that be around all the time or have to be stuck with the sound you hate most? I can’t think of 7 other real life situations as I just forget about it completely. But another one that I can sort of relate to is how there are some people who like make a smacking sound whenever they talk. It sounds nasty and out of hand all just gets under my skin. VELCRO SOUNDS get the best of me, it makes me feel weird in my ears.

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