Why STI’s are slow

One thing I know is, They will never be faster then evo’s no matter how bad they want to be. I’ve read enough and seen enough of them broken that I will never own one. In this world there’s a competition between both of them that has been going on for a long long time.

I believe that one day they will be faster oh wait I lied they wont. They have to many engine problems and failures they are fast no doubt but at the end of the day the EJ20 motor just cannot handle all of the strain that the high power puts on it. Not to mention when something breaks you have to removed everything on the upper portion of the engine just to do simple maintenance on it.

I also doubt that for the same price they will never come close to how fast an evo can go. It’s already been proven the time slips say it, also for the same amount of problems you’ll have 100 more problems with the STI than the evo!

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