3 Simple ways to suddenly feel happy

I used to think happiness is complicated and always out of reach at present.

“I will be happy when I can go shopping without having to glance at the price tag.” Or “I will be happy when I can do what I love.” Or “I will be happy when I find the one who loves me.” — You know, I’m still single.

Source: Pexels.com

But now my perception is different. Happiness now, I can get it every day, by those simple ways:

1. Drinking coffee

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy coffee and it’s kind of the same thing.” This sentence is true, at least according to science. Science says that coffee has components to make us happy — cafein or something — and I can feel the effect immediately after I take the first sip of coffee of the day. Science also says that it’s a short-term happiness, but whatever. 5AM and I sit down in front of my laptop with a cup of coffee on the table. I drink it when writing. That’s perhaps my happiest moment of the day as my mind is supported by coffee (full of ideas and excitement come) when it’s doing what its owner love to do: writing. Just a mix of coffee smell and taste, morning light, quiet space and a working (and productive and creative) brain. Perfect? I create it every day, you see?

2. Writing

Like I just said, writing is my favorite thing. At 5AM in the morning I write for my blog (in Vietnamese) and for Medium (in English and from today). I write whatever I think about me, about people, about this life. I don’t know what is my direction or strategy, but day after day, at 5AM, there has always been stuff on my head needed to be released.

Writing in this way — just showing my thoughts and receiving back no benefit except for the fact that my friends can read and know how I am living — has brought me happiness. I didn’t know that until I stopped writing in 2 months (because I was busy those days — ok, its’ an excuse) and when I started again and I saw the difference: I was feeling better.

Maybe I feel better because I get a chance to release my feelings.

Maybe I feel better because I am more connected to my friends. Whenever I think my friends will read this or that piece of writing there is an astonishing ease inside me because of the fact that I will be connected to others — in the very intimate level even they don’t see me or talk with me. That’s amazing, huh?

Maybe I feel better because writing is really what I love to do.

Maybe I feel better because my fingers are fulfilled their typing addiction. Who knows.

There could be a lot of reasons, but I believe that the power of writing is for to most of people, not just me. I remember that science says say it to. Let me remember…

3. Listening to music

And just listen to music.

I love music. And everyone does. But my most pleasant music experience is when I am doing nothing besides listening to it. Just lying lazily on the floor with headphones on my ears, letting the music flow through me. Is it being at present? Is it “one thing at a time”? Maybe. I am just very sure that when I see music listening as a single task to do, I enjoy it much much better. Try this and hope you will have the same experience.

Btw, my favorite voice is Vu Cat Tuong (for Vietnamese) and Birdy (for US-UK).

In conclusion

I has not come up with the fourth way so I am writing the conclusion. But what I believe that I have more simple techniques to share — I just can’t remember them at the moment. Yay. I am the person who choose happiness. I used to live busily, with grand challenges and expectations every day, compare myself to others regularly. But happily, those days are far away. Now I live simply, have more coffee morning, listen to more music, have more quiet time, write more, reflect more, share more and connect more. And I now I know a ton of things to do to be happy. I just remember three today…

I will share with you other ways once I remember. I promise! :)