It has been a week after the day I moved to another cities with uncertainty. The thought of coming back to Hanoi has crossed my mind several times. I have struggled a lot… and even asked myself whether I was too hurry, whether I need to need more time to be far away from home.

I still feel lost, feel the bad mood of failure, feel the loneliness in this city… I feel suck… If I had been at home, it would have been more comfortable. I miss my family so much. If I had decided to stay at Hanoi, I would have been offered such a quite good job. If I hadn’t move into Saigon, I would have saved a lot of money.

However, in my mind, I never regret with my decision to move into Saigon. At least now… and I can be sure that I will never regret with that “silly” decision.

Now, I am 23 years old.

I just feel my desire to shape and sharpen myself when being out of the comfort zone. I need to go to my own way.

Being on the road that I have to take alone, I know that who I am right now, what I have had and haven’t had and how arrogant I have been.

It is my first time to survive on such a difficult path. I wish I hadn’t been such an ambitious and sophisticated person who are bored with the safety.

At least, I still have a home to come back and an opportunity to take if I lose to survive in HCMC. :))

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