When I confused and more confused…

Recently, I have felt something wrong, about me, about my career path, about what I have done everyday.

Am I on the right track?

Do I really do what I wanna do?

Can I achieve my career dream?

Last night, I realized that it has been a year that I no longer to be exactly who I want to be. I remembered myself one year ago, I wasn’t afraid anything, I really did what I love and didn’t care about my friends who were working in many reputed corporates with high salary. My first project with my partner was born, which costed me a lot of money and energy. However, we were still happy.

Now, I am afraid of many things, so that I am living in a stable life. I am afraid of not having much money. I am afraid of risky. I am afraid of unexpected changes. I am afraid of becoming a loser… Not me. Not the one I want to be.

In a month, I have thought of stepping on the path that everyone want to take, regardless of whether I would love it. I wanted to step on it because everyone want to step on it, and I am everyone…? A hope for a fancy position in a reputed corporation? Even though it hardly helps me to achieve my dream? And I will live in a safety but fancy life?


Now I feel more clearly about my career path… that I have to make my tough decision. I will take risk again to have a clear definition of who I am, what I wanna seek for and which value I can bring to others.

A new chapter of my life… to find myself… to live a life that I will remember.