I turned 29 today.

It’s a sort of something new for me but this year is all about making it happen. I’ve always wanted to post something about lessons that I learned over the year. Couldn’t wait until my big 30, so here it goes

  1. Life is going by so fast. My little sister can legally drink now 😱

2. Never postpone anything – Do it now, do it TODAY. There’s no better time than now – so I’m in line getting fluffy croissant while i’m at it. (A tour around the city collecting free bday treats because I can)

3. It’s never too late to say “I love you”. Why do you want to keep it to yourself? Life is short, there is no time leave important words unsaid.

4. Take time to care about family: no matter how good or bad your relationship with parents, relatives.. they are still people who will always be there for you, they get your back, and you can always come back to your family. I am making progress.. I promise 🙏🙏

5. Patience is the key. Nothing great can be achieved overnight, things take time to permeate the world.

6. Best friends can never replaced. Two signs that you have really really freakin great friends are: unlimited welcoming stay at their places & they are comfortable with lending you a lot of money.

7. Everything happens for a reason

8. Take care of myself first then I can take care of others: Remember when you get on an airplane, and the safety video tells you to put the mask for yourself first then help others? It’s the same way in life, you need to take care of yourself, love yourself first and then you’ll be able to do the same for others.

9. Believe in yourself – Your are GOOD ENOUGH. You’re pretty enough, smart enough, creative enough. Don’t let others tell you differently.

10. Rejection: Rejection is hard but keep trying, it might be for the best. You’ll never know what is in store alternatively. If Brian Acton didnt get rejected from Facebook, there wouldnt be Whatsapp & he wouldn’t worth a billion. You’ll never know what will happen to you.. unless you quit trying.

11. Happiness is adequate rest, daily workouts (I am trying), meaningful work, friendship and physical touch.

12. I am not responsible for everyone’s happiness.

13. Say thank you often and be grateful for what I have, nice things others have done for me, even the smallest.

14. A strong network/community is one of those things that doesnt seem super useful until it does.

15. Deal with an awkward situation instead of denying they exist

16. Be upfront and clear in communication. Sugar coating is not the best way to communicate.

17. DO NOT take anything for granted.

18. Read as much as I can. It is a real advantage.

19. Writing is a great skill to have. I sure underestimated writing back then. It helps a lot in structuring my flow & sense when I did interviews.

20. Writing random stuff, journal & diary everyday makes a great difference.

21. Travel: stamps matter :) but it’s all about the moments, experience you create. It’s about how extraordinarily you choose to live & love in the ordinary moment.

22. People don’t actually want feedback or advice. They just want to feel validated and praised for what they have done or about to do

23. Mentorship is important

24. Stop looking at others & comparing. You don’t know what happens behind those walls.

25. Never try to squeeze anything last minute to your schedule. Either you’ll get rushed or never fully there for whatever the occasion is. Be there 100%

26. Flowers are delicate & beautiful creature. Reminds me to enjoy the great things while I have it and while it lasts. “stop & smell the flowers”.

27. It’s easier to strike a conversation than you think. People are not scary.. nobody will hurt a friendly “ Hi, I love your dress”. Hehe

28. Change is hard & difficult. I often question myself “why the heck did I make that decision” but if I didn’t make that change, I would die of regret.

29. And here to the last one – taken from the Alchemist: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

These are lessons from my experience and are not always true all the time. :) Now, it’s time for my to adult it up. Let’s grab a drink.

Cheers to 29 years of waking up every day in a bed, loving family & friends, being able to see the sun & smell the flowers. I’m truly thankful.