Blue Sky Ideation

Prompt: “How might we add more clothes on a clothing rack in a closet?”

These were the 30+ ideas I came up with during the Individual Idea Generation.

I held my session in Rapson Hall 204. I had 5 participants and they were all men, and the majority of them were engineering students. I really wish I had women as well as a diverse background of majors but when I contacted other classmates, they were unavailable. All of my participants were also UMN students.

At the beginning of the session, I had everyone go around and introduce themselves + what their favorite chore was.


  1. *Manny: Freshman, Biomedical Engineering, Washing dishes
  2. *Andrew: Freshman, Finance, Laundry
  3. *Andy: Post-Doc Engineering, Don’t like chores
  4. *Harry: Electrical Engineering, Washing dishes
  5. *Anthony: Chemical Engineering, Laundry

“*” denotes name change for privacy

The Participants (face blocked for privacy)

For the warmup games, I had three games. Each game went on for about three minutes.

  1. Rhyming — Simple game. Everyone went around and rhymed the word that came before them.
  2. Word Ball — One person says a word, second person has to say a word associated with first person’s word, third person says a word related to second person’s word, etc.
  3. Look at me! — Everyone does the same motion and then each person has to describe what they’re doing. There can’t be any repetition.

Participants brainstorming

The length of time dedicated to brainstorming was approximately 35 minutes long and multi-voting took about 5 to 10 minutes. The group generated a total of 79 ideas, so that means approximately 2.23 ideas per minute. When voting, green dots meant “most creative” and purple dots meant “most useful.”

Total ideas


Category: Things that don’t require hanging
Category: Random
Category: Requires rolling
Category: Fantasy
Category: Requiring wall or ceiling
Category: Rods
Category: Non-Traditional Closets
Category: Hanging Baskets
Category: Hangers

10 Best Ideas
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