One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. | Henry Miller

Time of Our Lives

As I am in my college years, I know that these four years are supposingly the best time of our lives. However, I believe that the bigger time of our lives is when we go out there and explore what the world has to offer to us. I strongly feel that as students, we should never limit ourselves but take the opportunity to advance ourselves through our own journeys by traveling.

According to an article I read, the number one reason why people should study abroad is because we’ll learn how to live on our own. By living on our own we will learn to become more discipline and organized.

Another reason why studying abroad will be beneficial to us is because in some way of light, we will learn to respect diversity. Depending on where you decide to go when you study abroad, some places will be more diverse than others. By traveling, you will become more understanding of what each culture has to offer and start building a network of relations

Overall, take a leap of faith and study abroad at least one time in your life, maybe two, three, or a hundred times. There’s no reason to say no to something that could change your perspective on life. Dare yourself to try something new and make it the time of your life!

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