One day we have to embrace the laps of nature so let’s make peace and let’s light the hope when you feel you are in perplexion .


Let her sleep deep,

Let us not weep,

For she is at her journey’s end,

Left with no memories to mend.

Oh!God ,what has happened,
She was hail and hearty,
Having fun with her friends yesterday at party,
weeping at her dead body people surround her with grief.

She was about to be thirty,
what happened so suddenly?
Heart attack somebody murmured
from somewhere inside the room.

Incense sticks aroma filled the…

The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is a United Nations International Day against drug abuse and the illegal drug trade. It is observed annually on 26 June, since 1989.
So thinking about the future generation I hereby present a short poem and the motto of the poem is ;



Drinking bit by bit the pain,
I inject the needle inside my vein,
and I am lost with fantasy,
Now I am in vain.

What is it that is leading me with strain?
I try and try,
but I can't regain.

Heart of the house,
Distributing and pumping,
working and running,
Day and night,
without stopping ,
energetic and strong,
If it stops system tumbles down.

Father you are the backbone,
if you are not straight,
hands and legs ,
body aches,
impaired nerves,
difficult to mend,
every thing appears curved and dead.

Absence shreads the house,
into pieces,
mother becomes alone,
children fatherless,
support of one parent,
is difficult to hold the house.

Main pillar of the house,
Supporting the framework,
bricks and walls don't break,
but if a crack is visible,
make sure that house will definitely
collapse and break.

On this special occasion,
wishing all the father’s ,
A very Happy Father’s Day!

-Darshana Thapa

Feeling so strong,
I could not withstand,
Where ever I went images infront,
Smiling at me ,
wanted to say something,
Not one day ,
but as the feeling arose,
as if someone was missing,
I could not understand,
What was it ?
images forming
as if I was in deep thought,
actually I was unaware ,
What was happening?
What was it’s cause?
Wondering I sat perplexed and disturbed,
Several questions ringing inside my mind like bells in temple awakening the God for help ,
several answers to the questions unanswered,
Mysterious images forming objects
of people whom I loved from the core of my heart,
People might chuckle and laugh ,
If I relate these stories really absurd,

Now we need is a cool and fresh air to breathe,
now we need the wind that will caress our cheeks,
now we need a hand ,love, support of meek.

Not of sinful hand who is just doing duty,
just don’t take praises when whole world is facing darkness,
just don’t let sin rule the whole world,
forbid the task,
let the water bodies breathe,
let the land breathe,
carecass surrounding hear and there,
floating in the breeze,
how can we breathe fresh,
when contamination is swinging and flying with the flow and blowing of the air ,
Are you at ease?
Say are you at ease?

Crying and dying,
as if fighting in a battlefield.
Tension is over-ruling ,

How can you be at ease?

-Darshana Thapa

Mother you are born to teach,
you are the Earth bearing the burden of your children,
but you do not weep,
the sweat that wets your clothes doing your household work ,
yet you don't get tired,
Why are you mother like this?

You bear the pain,
you have to listen to the grumbles,
yet you confront it.

How did you learn to self -control?
I wonder how?

You are crushed but still you are fresh like the green leaves,
Nobody can replace you ,
your duty is tough like you.

HappyMother's Day!

Teddy Day

If you were a teddy bear,
I would embrace and love you,
hug you and melt with thoughts,
you have never imagined before.

Oh ,my teddy!
you are so fluffy and puffy,
I imagine playing snow with you,
in my dreamland.

I have decorated my houses inside my heart,
with lovely pictures of you teddy;
So whenever I am lost with thoughts of you,
It evokes every time.

Images flashing, flickering within the eyelashes,
with missing feeling strikes piercing my heart ,
oh,my darling!

© -Darshana Thapa

What did it teach us?

I have a question to ask?

What did it teach us?

Please ,let me know?

Perplexed and overthinking,

I am writing,

to know everything about that.

Eerie silence prevaling,

Fearful and dreadful,

Scaring every one ,

for a month and two,

but people after few months
became used too.

Now although the virus is still existing,

People mingling ,

Distance not maintaining,

Is everyone’s life like that,

What did it teach us?

Please,let me know that.

Made our life miserable,

Trapped in the cage
went in search of food
Life like birds ,

Fetched food ,

Whenever needed.

What did it teach us?

Please, let me know that.

You live with me
thoughts never die
writings tie
Sky's don't hide
Stars twinkling
people's always die
Ocean deep
river's flow swift
Someone don't know how to multiply
peep inside
I am blind
If I could convert coal into gold
I would become a goldsmith
Honey makes money
money don't make honey
Nature's law can't be defined.

Darshana Thapa

Author of the book"Life with nature"

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