Control LED Screen Panel with Wemos d1 mini

Tharindu Darshana Peiris
3 min readNov 8, 2018


ESP8266 can be used to create attractive and creative designs from P10 led display panels.

Panels which are developed in such a way can be used to showcase or advertise different products in your business settings.

— How to Connect ESP8266 module P10 led diplay panel —

Step 1 : Materials You Need

You Will Need →

power supply

1. ESP8266 Board (Wemos or NodeMCU).

2. P10 LED Display Panel.

3. 5v Power Supply (power to led panel).

4. Jumper wires

Step 02 :Wiring Connection

Pin Diagram

Connect P10 led display panel with ESP8266 module according to the pin configuration above.

You can connect more P10 LED display panels in horizontal or vertical manner from the output pin port.

Step 3:

In the next step you need a supporting library that must be installed on Arduino IDE

Libraries →

  1. DMD2 libaray

2. SPI libaray

Step 4: Coding part

I used 2 P10 led display Panels.

// Tharindu Peiris

// Libraries
#include <SPI.h>
#include <DMD2.h>
#include <fonts/Droid_Sans_36.h> // font libaray

/*P10 led pannel pins to ESP 8266
A D0
B D6
R D7

int i = 0;

const uint8_t *FONT = Droid_Sans_36;

SPIDMD dmd(1, 2); // Number of P10 panels used X, Y // change the “SPIDMD”, this is very important to change this ESP8266 module

SPIDMD dmd1(1, 2); // Number of P10 panels used X, Y

DMD_TextBox box(dmd, -4, 0, 32, 16); // x, y change text posistion [ Set Box (dmd, x, y, Height, Width)]
const char *MESSAGE = “ABCD”;

void setup() {

/////////////////////////////text display//////////////////////
dmd.setBrightness(10); // Set brightness 0–255
dmd.selectFont(FONT); // Font used

//////////////////////////drawing box border//////////////////
dmd1.setBrightness(10); // Set brightness 0–255
dmd1.selectFont(FONT); // Font used
dmd1.drawBox(31, 31, 0, 0); //{x,y,} // drawing box bording led pannel


void loop() {



void scrolling() {
const char *next = MESSAGE;

while (*next) {
dmd.clearScreen();// clear screen
if (i != 0) {
box.print(*next); //print the led pannel

delay(800); // letters speed changing


After the upload process is successful you can see P10 led dispaly pannel is been demonstration→