Learning Yellowfin BI

Yellowfin is a Business Intelligence (BI), dashboard, reporting and data analysis software vendor. Yellowfin’s software allows reporting from data stored in relational databases, multi-dimensional cubes or in-memory analytical databases. Yellowfin recognized as one of the best Business Intelligence tools. This is applicable to be used for organizations of all sizes.

With more than 1,000,000 users globally, Yellowfin improves business improvement.

With the rich visualization effects and other added functionalities embedded with this amazing tool, helps an organization in better decision-making, monitor sales activities, assess risks and measure project success.With the introduction to the tool, you’ll will also be enthusiastic to use the tool. When I was first instructed by my mentor to use Yellowfin, I was very excited as it was my first time hands on a typical BI tool. Working with Yellowfin has been very challenging as I learnt something new every day.

This tool has provided me the functions of connecting to a database, creating views, define meta-data, create reports and finally add the reports to create my dashboard.

Learning Yellowfin is very easy I would say, once you get the gist of it. So, I invite you all to get your hands on this amazing tool, which would indeed help your organization perform better!

For more information, visit http://www.yellowfinbi.com/