My note from Cambodia: Feb 2017

Cambodia’s fastest Internet Provider

SINET provides an Internet connection speed of up to 150Mbps for both download and upload. Believe it or not, this is the highest speed Internet bandwidth you can have from this provider.

Meet 3 Cambodians behind an Internet Provider in Cambodia

FacebooKing Cambodia

This is an unedited interview I gave to Matt Surrusco of The Cambodia Daily.

How BookMeBus will revolutionize transportation in Cambodia

A startup founded by a group of young Cambodians, BookMeBus takes a small pride to transform the way travellers and passengers book their bus tickets with a few clicks.

Maya Gilliss-Chapman on connecting Phnom Penh with Silicon Valley

Maya Gilliss-Chapman, a Cambodian-born American, came to our attention when she recently hosted a hackathon and challenge “Silicon Valley to Phnom Penh” in which more than 10 groups of young Cambodians in Phnom Penh participated by coming up with the best innovative idea.

Among World Leaders, PM’s Facebook 2nd for Engagement

Facebook was an effective way for the nation’s leader “to get the message out in a more personalized, engaging way,” Bun Tharum, a tech blogger and communications specialist, said on Tuesday in an email.

“It allows Cambodians to feel closer to the…leader not by watching him and his family members, including his grandchildren, not on TV (one way), but by scrolling on our mobile phone (a personal device we live and breathe with every minute),” he added.

Loung Ung: the Cambodian writer of First They Killed My Father

Born in 1970, Loung Ung is a Khmer Rouge survivor. She tells her lifetime story from 1975 until 1980 in her book, First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers.