My note from Cambodia : Jan 2017

Starting 2017, you’ll find some hand-picked stories from across the web that I want to share. The idea is simple. There are a lot of stuff on the Internet. Too much noise. My role here is to filter the noise and share with you only some of best things you should read.

Cambodia: tech startups and coffee culture

In May 1997 people in Cambodia could join the wider world through the Internet for the first time. Back then, the dial-up connection speed was 64Kbps, which allowed the Internet users to exchange email messages and surf web pages.

Urban Space Playground & Café in Phnom Penh

Urban Space Playground & Café is unique: a cafe, a workplace, and a playground in one.

Try a 48-hour weekend getaway in Kampot, Cambodia

the first series of our simple but fun 48-hour itinerary for any local resident, traveller, or tourist who finds him or herself in Cambodia for the first or countless time. We believe that this is to help you enjoy your 48 hour weekend getaway without breaking your pocket.

Khmer wedding portraits

You’d be amazed by some these Cambodian wedding photographs.

I want to go back in time. To be a kid again.

Nostalgic? Had this Casio watch when I was a little boy. Unbelievably, it’s still in production and on sale. Time machine.

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