We the Millennials.

The millennial generation is the generation of ideas. Ideas that will entirely change every aspect, of the way that human beings live today.

There is absolutely no lack for ideas in us. The idea that changed an economy into a digital economy was put forth by us. From crypto-currencies penetrating in every economies, to start -up culture disrupting the culture of traditional business houses, it was all because of us. From creating a private space transport service company(SpaceX) to developing billion-dollar companies in a very short span of time, we did it. We leave no ideas untried, because even if we fail we learn from it. Failure is no more an embarrassment now.

The millennial generation is the generation of depression. Depressed for things which need not have been considered.

Hearing those mind-blowing statistics about the number of depressed people in the millennial generation, I would sometimes think, “Am I also depressed??”. I was one among the people who misinterpreted depression as a disease. After some point of time I understood that every person will get into some type of depression in some point of time in his/her life. The root cause for depression in us is due to over considering and over thinking of things which is useless or which doesn’t make any much difference in our life. So, let go of such things. One thing that brings me a smile in my face while writing this is that, depression is no more being a taboo topic.

The millennial generation is the generation of sensible but silent politics. Being silent also means closely watching.

“This generation is not concerned much about politics” said the previous generation. Yes, this generation does not over consider the mess that has been done by you. But, we won’t stop watching, even though we keep silence over the topic. Everything has its own time of action. It does not happen overnight. That too politics is such a huge mess, so it takes time.

The millennial generation is the generation of change. The change that corrects the previous generation’s mistakes and the change that will create a better future.

Be proud in saying “We are the Generation of Change”. Even though we have a huge task of correcting all the mistakes of the previous generation, be happy, because we are creating a better future for our future generations. When there is a need for change, innovation comes into place. We are currently creating a better future with this special word called innovation.

As I write this, there is change happening in everything & everywhere due to innovation. Hope this change doesn’t take much time.