A Drop in the weight.

We pick up from where we left off last night. Trying to recollect where we fell apart? What did go wrong? How did we come about the state we are in?

Digital furtherance has it’s own cynical facet to it. With the amount of errands we shuttle across the globe, within the country, within the state or within the little town of ours, we are almost, blinded or oblivious, to be precise, with our own state of mind.

See, awareness, has so much to do with our sagacity, deep rooted in our nurturing and schooling. We aren’t fostering ourselves if we are not aware of what is being taught or explained to us. Such a vast context, especially in countries like India, presents or aspires an opportunity for someone to establish themselves, in a brisk. Hardest past of the whole story seems to be the sinking-in of the stuff we are encountered with. Are we really letting them sink in?

The phenomenon of the tablet as text books are gradually gaining the school ground. PDF learning seems to be the new talk in the town, with controlled access to the intranet or WIFI at home, eBooks are hit among the students. Embedded apps such as dictionary and curriculum specific course material with enticing animation, hyperlink are bestowed upon by these 19,000 rupees gimmicks with touch of interactive sessions. Such a shift to tablets and apps not only marks a shift in pedagogical practice but also an evolution in learning behavior.

With updates in the syllabus being made on a tab by changing the device’s SD card, which would probably cost under 2,000 rupees, kids are losing touch with real world interactions and health as such. Redeemed from the 5-kg backpack to underpinning with a 720-g tablet and a few notebooks, has the next gen deprived of opening the stiff new notebook? The pleasure of slitting open uncut textbook pages? The fresh scent of paper, ink and glue?

Cooper: Newton’s third law. You’ve got to leave something behind. -Interstellar