Adding by subtracting.

Modern age problems are very hilarious. They seems to revolve around one or two aspects with different variations. Say, “I’m overweight” or could “I need to more money or better job”. This and that. Often, we are pushing our boundaries of desire to such extreme levels that we are stagnant on grounds of effort or improvisation.

Over the centuries of research, ranging from Aristotle to modern psychologists, one thing is common which we fail to acknowledge although the solutions have been right in front of us- Make the best version of yourself.

What the above means, can be diagnosed in the following ways:

1. That, focus of change shall be routed through thyself.

Meaning, change and effects of change shall be through you and you alone. Avoid making the mistake of changing it for someone else or because of someone else. The basis for these so called external drivers of change is that the fire just fizzes out over time and you are staring back at where you started.

2. Remove the misconception of magical changing.

Essentially what we have been told and what we expect of the world around us is that, “Sir, I admit I was wrong. Now, can we please get on with it and not charge me with treason.” This magical thought that we are ready to be good and expect the world to render the same to us is idiosyncratic. Remember, the quote- “With time, everything heals.”

This paves way into a deeper concept of “Time”, which is an ocean in itself, let’s save that for another day.

3. Third, is the rule of 1%.

Yes, not many have propagated this but I’m sure majority of them have heard about this through self help books and quotes from famous public speakers. “If you can just improve 1% in comparison with yesterday, then you are on your way to excellence.”

The above rule is self explanatory. Be it a exercise regime, or mastering a skill or improving any facet of life, you just have to make 1% improvement than yesterday. So next time you are maxing out on bur-pees or try to learn a guitar, just convince yourself of improving little more than yesterday. Of course, makes no sense to go binge eating after a strenuous workout.

4. The most important rule of all, if you want to change procrastinate.

This isn’t what you expect probably. But its backed by research and tons of reading on habit formation plus my personal experience on going through with the same. Humans are the greatest procrastinators, why try hard not to be one when you are built on the very foundation of such. So, here is the catch. Try to procrastinate the bad habits/ habit till the next day.

In order to improve something, we must sacrifice on the negative ones. The soon we flush out, the faster the progress. So, be it a tiredness or you have sweet tooth that you can’t ignore or might that binge drinking with friends so important to enhance your group morale at work, just postpone it for the next day. And, the day after… until you are not even thinking about it anymore.

Well, what’s life without some challenge. Change, better yourself in any way. Cause, it is the only thing that is constant.