Can I get a lift?

It was late at night, when Mr Aayan was getting back home from work. It was a strenuous day, and he had kept his wife waiting for dinner. He was driving a bike, with a helmet on, and the chill breeze was making his body to tremble, like a soul departing from a host.

The paved road was drenched with mist and he could hardly see anything, despite high beaming the headlight. En route to his home, he had to pass on a stretch of seven kilometers long road without any turns or halts.

There upon half way through he saw a figure walking ahead, cupping his hands to his back across, significantly due to the chillness in the weather. The man had a black jacket on. Mr Aayan, on slowing down towards the figure, recognized the it was a man, mid-thirties, with a dark black beard.

Mr Aayan, “Sir, would you like me to give you a lift?” asked apprehensively.

The man, turned his face, in shock, his eyes wide, gleaming into his stranger’s eyes, who was offering him help.

The man grunted a reply, “Uh. OK.”

Mr Aayan, recalled what he had be taught right from childhood, to not talk to strangers. Specially, in a civilized society where the rate of crime is at its peak.

Mr Aayan, was lost. His wheel was flat and he had called on to an emergency service but in vain response. It was an deserted street and no one seems to be moving around during that time of the day. The sun was shining at its brightest, leaving no room for quenching his thirst. Mr Aayan, seems to have nothing to drink on him other than the fuel from his bike. It was beginning to heat up mid afternoon. He had to phone his wife to pick him up from the place, asking her to hurry a bit, along with a bottle of water.

Meanwhile, a young stranger, across the eventful sight, seemed to be noticing everything that was happening with Mr Aayan. Noticing that he was in dire need of water to quench his thirst, the young chap offered his glass of drinking water, all that was left of, to Mr Aayan who was desperate.

Mr Aayan on drinking the essence of life, calmed himself and thanked the young boy for his timely help.

The boy replied, “No sir, Thank you.” on noticing the vehicle as described by his father.

Mr Aayan, picked up the old man from road and traveled across the breeze to the point of destination. He noticed that the old man was carrying a bit of medicines in his hand and was tensed rather than escaping the chillness. Mr Aayan dropped the old man, reassured that everything would be alright and asked him not to worry. The old man thanked him back.

The old man rushed to the clinic near by from the point of drop, where his young son was suffering severely from asthma attack and timely subscription of injection was needed to see an immediate relief.

The doctor was relieved and so was the old man. The boy seemed to relax a bit and was asked to lie down for a while for the medicine to take complete effect. The old man narrated the incident of not finding a single mode of transport to return, until a man sent as a god’s gift, helped me to travel faster so that I could bring these medicine to you, describing the vehicle and the features of the man he had met.

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Life, as it seems, is about helping one another.