What’s Momentary Awareness?

“(1) noticing what’s around you”

“(2) observing the experience of being alive without judgment”

“(3) the act of being consciousness without ego or a “I” sense of self participating and putting labels, limits, or descriptive rationalizations on the perceived experience of being alive”

Momentary Awareness is the simplest and purest way of being and we all know how to do it. It’s how we were when we were born…

before we dissected and explained and divided all of the components of reality (physical matter, relationships, mental and emotional energy) into subgroups to explain the way that phenomena interact and make up the ‘substance’ of the human experience.

Now, our minds have been conditioned to rarely touch momentary awareness. We mostly are in monkey mind — jumping from thought to thought — as opposed to beginner mind — observing life as if it is a fresh experience, never before seen.

Momentary awareness strikes us in the indescribable moments. Holding a newborn child, observing a vast countryside or beautiful sunset, peacefulness knowing you are exactly where you are supposed to be, when the self, mind, and body fade away from focus.

Constant stimulation from TV, phones, computers, radio, and busy places are challenging our ability to experience the vastness of being alive. So often we find ourselves ‘looking’ for thing to participate with (people, places, thoughts, emotions).

We conceptualize about hypothetical scenarios, mindlessly go about our tasks while thinking about conversations that never will occur or already happened, plan for next steps, and ruminate about the unchangeable past or concerning future. And often, this can hurt ourselves as we have a tendency to be overly critical, finding flaws in ourselves and others in our relentless pursuits of betterment of our selves, lives, and situations.

First of all, it’s not your fault. It’s just the way that many of us have trended toward. I speak from experience as I’ve struggled with depression and suicide for four years. Watch me tell a story of my journey here.

Instead of beating ourselves up or getting stressed about getting better. Let’s start at square one. Let’s help ourselves look back inside and sort out some of that mental garbage we all carry with us.

The purpose of Reflecting (answering the 7 questions) on ‘marblesapp’ is to help each user understand where they are in these essential categories of life. Ideally, it becomes a roadmap for each of us to look at ourselves and decide where to spend our energies so that we may be balanced.

It’s so that we may be able to touch more Momentary Awareness because we feel more comfortable and at peace in our relative places in life.

Please, find the optimal times to Reflect — could be once a week or every other day — and free yourself.