Our Data Says Junior Year is Rough, What Can We Do About It?

Legal drinking age, questions about what you are “going to do with your life,” financial pressure, relationships getting real, junior year sucks.

That’s when I had my most serious bout with suicide, same with many of my close friends.

That’s also what our Marbles data is signaling. Look at the real-time fluctuations of well-being of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students enrolled at a large public university in the Midwest.

1st and 2nd year students
3rd and 4th year students

We ask users to rate themselves on 7 essential categories of well-being, much like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, to get a snapshot of how they are feeling day to day.

Think of each line to represent a component of well-being (i.e. emotional wellness or sense of purpose and meaning), overall the 7 lines represent a real-time graph of users well-being over the past 3 months.

2nd year is also pretty rough, but 3rd year is by far the most volatile and shows the lowest Reflection scores (download the app to get a better idea of exactly what that means).

We can use this data to better inform how we engage students, create policy, and help students live meaningful and enriching lives.

So, what can we do about it?!?

Tweet @thatmhg or email me from the contact form here with your ideas or to get involved!

— Adam

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