You Always Have The Tools You Need

If you don’t, you are looking for the wrong tool. You have to use what’s in your hands first.

Then maybe you can really prepare yourself to be ready for when that tool comes along.

But, instead we often fantasize about how cool it would be to have that new tool. Like a new job, big bonus, radiant social life, investor funding, a wonderful partner, a wholesome family.

You are really not prepared for it though.

You can’t skip a level, no cheat codes, additional lives, or standardized approach that always works.

You are not ready.

If you were, you’d already have that new job, big bonus, radiant social life, investor funding, wonderful partner, and wholesome family. If you think you are ready, stop reading this and go do something about it.

So why are you sitting here pitying yourself when you damn well know that you are not ready for any of those things.

You’ve got to learn. You’ve got work to do on the most important thing in the whole world: you.

So get to it.


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