No. The change is technological, not psychological nor biological.
David Cearley

Thank you for your comments, which are always informative and thoughtful. Most importantly, they are often polite and civil… you seem to be one of the few people who got the memo explaining that you can’t change people’s minds (or even get them to consider different viewpoints) by being hostile or insulting to them. :)

This type of productive comment-writing is thankless work — you’ll never get as many upvotes or claps or whatever as people who write comments trumpeting their self-righteous rage. You’ll never get as many followers as someone who delivers the same basic messages in hate-filled, black-and-white rhetoric. You will get attacked by people who don’t even think about what you say because they want thoughtless acceptance of a trending position.

But you will do something that very, very few accomplish: you’ll get someone, somewhere, to think, “wow, I never thought of it that way.” You’ll get someone to consider the possibility that, maybe, someone who disagrees with their worldview isn’t automatically a monster. And, rarest of all, you’ll get someone to change their mind about something because they were able to think about your claims without feeling attacked.

Those people, in all likelihood, won’t give you any sign of their responses — no comments or recommendations or follows to let you know you’ve had a positive impact on them.

So … for the record, on behalf of people who think it but will never say it: thanks :)

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