5:40 am, Sacramento. Isaak is parked in his van, waiting outside my apartment. I am late, as usual. Internally, I justify my lateness,

Unlike Isaak, who lives in a van, I have to get out of a bed with a plush, two inch mattress pad. Of course I’m f*cking late. Why do we have to wake up so early anyway?

I loaded up Isaak’s van with a backpack of camping gear and a sled. The sled was of the cheap, brightly colored variety that you find during the holiday season in bins at the front of the store. They are…

The JMT is one of the most popular through hikes in the world, traversing 211 miles through the peaks and valleys of the Sierra Nevada mountain range with near perfect summer weather. Here’s my account of half of the trail with two friends, going northbound from Horseshoe Meadows and exiting over Bishop Pass.

Scroll to the bottom for a list of resources I used, as well as a link to my day-by-day map and campsites. …

From food allergies to veganism and low-carb diets, the world of eating is transforming right before our eyes.

Take a look below at the Google search trends for some (currently) popular diets.

Image for post
Image for post

When you look at the graph above, what do you see? Do you see a budding diet industry waiting to be tapped? Do you see a hype cycle, driven by preachy leaders with a cult following? Or do you see a more promising, cruelty-free future for animals?

Whatever your first thoughts are, there is no doubt of the upward trend. For three out of the five there is a positive rate of change in Google searches. Veganism may be at its peak, with the recent releases…


Reads Vonnegut (so it goes).

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