A desperate cry for help

Some feelings will hunt you down and crush you
Slave your mind, leave you in pieces 
I’ve been fighting a lost battle against myself 
I’ve been running for my sanity, what’s left of me 
I’m loosing my essence, my core
I’m letting these feelings take over me

Is there still a chance to win?
To fight back and become one again?
I’m a shell of a person, an empty eyed girl
I’m insecurity and fear personified 
I’m just a toy in the shelf waiting for the goodbye 
I’m no more.

Somewhere there’s a light shining 
It gives me hope, such a dangerous hope
My spirit lifts for a second, juts to be blinded
The world becomes colorful again
And I let myself just feel once more
Just praying that this will last

Ups and downs surround me
Deep breaths keep me afloat 
Somewhere a siren sings to me
My lighthouse, my salvation, my demise 
Somewhere I’ll find my light again, maybe I have
But the light must always come from within

(Thais Finotto Visani — 02/02/1016 — 11h54 pm)