Caged feelings

Sometimes just music can express
the sadness within the hearth,
the tearless loneliness,
the anger at it all.

Empty words in a poem,
lost notes in a song.
Feelings so deep they’re hard to tell,
if shouting out loud or shutting down.

Traped between want and doubt,
telling someone and not knowing how.
Could anyone understand the unknown?
Would they empathize?

But maybe, Just maybe,
even if they don’t quite understand,
someone can say the right thing
and make it all better…

… Until the next time…

(Thais Finotto Visani — 22/03/2016–10h41 am)

Thais Finotto Visani

Written by

Copywriter, journalist and podcaster | Podcasts: PQPCast and Tribo TDAH |

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