Depression Demons

What could this be?
The constant want to cry,
this tightness in the throat
and sadness about the future?

Could it be helped?
Can I be fixed?
Will I be able to fit in, 
like everyone else?

Anxiety strikes 
about possible futures
and impossible what-ifs
in a endless knot.

Happiness and sadness,
sides of the same coin
that is flipped in the air
like nobody cares

Feeling suffocated,
And elated,
Feeling caged,
and loved…

Highs and lows
and ever-present fear,
depression that’s always there
waiting to take control again.

One day, you realize
you can only rely on yourself.
You and your demons
fight that everyday battle.

(Thais Finotto Visani — 29/03/2016–7h24 pm)